Brush Clearing

Clearing unwanted vegetation can be overwhelming and difficult. We have your solution to blackberries, invasive plants, and noxious weeds. 

Our brush hog (Flail Mower) attachment for the Kubota 121 Mini Excavator can tackle any size clearing job in a fraction of the time.

We provide full-service site prep and brush clearing throughout Bellingham and Whatcom County, WA.

Wooded Areas

We can remove under brush from wooded areas and leave trees untouched with this efficient and effective tool. An overgrown area can be transformed while preventing the spread of inasive species further throughout the property.

Storm Water

Preservative Services ensures retention ponds and storm water systems work properly by cutting invasive plants such as alders, rushes, cattails, and scotch broom.


We’ll keep your site tidy and functional.

Reclaim Spaces

No need to move. Blackberries or other invasive species can be removed from residential and commercial properties to reclaim space lost to overgrowth.

We safely and throughly remove plant materials and dispose of off-site. Your site can be transformed to one that is useful and functional.